About us


Our love for our shops and our brand makes us who we are and put quality in the hats we make. Every. Single. Day. we work to achieve our goals and great service begins with passionate people with industry experience, which is why we have chosen our staff carefully as we want only the best and most qualified in the business. We are a team of dedicated personnel with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient and satisfying. 


 Our history


The name Tanto di coppola! is the sicilian version of the french 'chapeau' and of the italian 'tanto di cappello' , it's a way to pay homage to the hat. The idea behind this name is the passion we have, in every day work, to change the coppole, that some people unfortunately associate with the mafia, to instead create a positive symbol of Sicily; a strong community that wants to take back its value starting from its traditional roots. An original and creative 'made in Sicily' that brings us back to the past but also aims for a brighter future.





telefono: 091 324428 

cell. 3662432910

Orari di apertura:

Negozio in via Bara all'Olivella, 72 Palermo


Lunedì              Chiuso 
Martedì      15:00 - 20 :00
Mercoledì  15:00 - 20 :00
Giovedì      15:00 - 20:00
Venerdì      15:00 - 20 :00
Sabato     10:00 - 14 :00
Domenica 15:00 - 20 :00

Negozio in Contrada Traversa snc Zona industriale, San Giuseppe Jato (PA) 


 Lunedì                09:00–13:00

 Martedì               09:00–13:00

 Mercoledì           09:00–13:00

 Giovedì               09:00–13:00

 Venerdì               09:00–13:00

 Sabato                   Chiuso

 Domenica             Chiuso