The cap, symbol of a tradition

In Italy the tradition of the flat cap dates back to the end of the 19th century, when, according to some sources, the arrival of some English families began to characterize the clothing of Sicilians. Sicily soon absorbed their customs and clothing, including the so-called flat cap , which was adopted by Sicilians (particularly by farmers to protect themselves from the sun) as part of their clothing.

Within a few years the Sicilians took possession of this headdress first called cobbola and then coppola , transforming it into a symbol of tradition and culture. Even today it remains one of the most loved and worn accessories.

The evolution of the flat cap over the years

How is it seen today?

Today the cap is slowly transforming positively in the common perspective, moving further and further away from the mafia model, to appear on the catwalks of famous designers who, rather than discrediting its evolution, enhance its fashion side.

For us at Lots of coppola! the modern reinterpretation of the flat cap starts from the choice of high quality and 100% Italian fabrics such as wool, velvet, cotton, linen and the combination of colors and patterns, making the flat cap a real fashion accessory.

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Meusa model

Pirandello model