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Who we are

Made in Sicily srl was born in 2018 with the great aim of overturning the common thought of the flat cap. Always associated with the mafia, we are starting to clear the prejudices about flat caps starting from the use of various and super-coloured fabrics, always putting attention to the quality of the chosen fabrics and attention to detail first. Our enthusiasm and desire to do things continues to grow until Covid 19 arrives like a bolt from the blue.
We decide to make our factory available for the production of medical clothing, which with the Covid emergency was in short supply throughout Italy. We also start producing masks, giving them away to those who couldn't buy them. The months of stoppage and total closure put us to the test but we make the slogan 'everything will be fine' our own and we resume the production of flat caps. Finally the reopening, we live with the virus but slowly resume normal life and with great willpower we resume our work rhythms with a smile on our faces and even more desire to do.

The making of flat caps and Sicilian craftsmanship.

The name Tanto di coppola! , the Sicilian version of the French 'chapeau' and the Italian 'hats off', is a way to pay homage to the headdress.

The idea behind this brand is the will and passion that we put into transforming the flat cap, often associated with a negative image of Sicily, into the symbol of a land that wants to reclaim its value and does so starting from its own roots.

The love for our work and for our brand represents who we are and the desire to produce the best quality flat caps.

Every day we work to achieve our goals, and an excellent service begins with a lot of passion and great experience in the sector.

For this reason we have chosen our staff carefully: we surround ourselves only with qualified people who share our passion. Ours is a team with the constant desire to ensure our customers have a unique experience.

Each flat cap is handmade with care and dedication. We start with the cutting of the fabric carried out by expert and precise hands, to continue with the stitching and finishing. Finally, the 100% cotton internal linings are inserted, chosen individually and always combined with the external fabric. At the end of the process, each product is checked to ensure that there are no defects, so as to always guarantee a unique, elegant and long-lasting product.

An original and creative 'Made in Sicily', which takes us back to the past but above all looks to the future.