Sicilian cap, how many models are there? Which flat cap should you choose for your face?

The use of flat caps began as a necessity rather than a fashion. It was in fact used to protect oneself from the cold but its use has grown until it is known throughout the world.

To date, there are several variations of the flat cap.

We will analyze the two best known and original variants.

Don't know which cap would suit you best? Read on to find out which one you should choose for your face.

The Sicilian flat cap, Palermo model

In the photo Pirandello flat cap in summer cotton.

The traditional model of the Sicilian cap is smooth in the upper part, with the visor covered by the fabric and blocked by a seam or a button. In ancient times it was worn more in the province of Palermo.

It should be worn slightly tilted on the front or sideways and can be worn with any outfit.

Depending on the material you choose, flat caps keep your head warm in the winter and cool in the summer, pairing with everything from summer attire to a wool coat.

This model is suitable for most face types and can be worn by both men and women.

The Sicilian cap Catania model

The Catania model of the flat cap is very reminiscent of the newsboy cap and the Irish hat worn around 1900 by newspaper sellers (the so-called newsboys) and in the famous TV series Peaky Blinders.

In the past this model was worn more in the province of Catania.

The substantial difference is that the Meusa model flat cap, like the Irish hat, has a greater width than the dome, is made up of 8 segments of fabric converging in the center and also has a button covered at the top to cover the point where the segments join.

In the photo our Meusa flat cap in gray herringbone wool worn by Diego Abatantuono.

This model, being very wide in the upper part, is advisable for a wider face or a more robust build. Those who have a very thin face can still wear this type of headgear by moving the fabric and segments slightly to one side to balance the shapes. ( look down)

In the photo, our Meusa flat cap in Prince of Wales patterned wool, worn by moving the fabric to the side.

Our advice for choosing the right flat cap: Read to the end!

  • Equally important as the exterior is the internal lining which must be made of cotton. All our flat caps have a 100% cotton lining and are handmade in Italy using only the highest quality fabrics.

  • Choose the right fabric: Linen and lightweight cotton are great for spring and summer, while wool and heavier cotton are great for winter.

  • Don't forget to pair a scarf or handbag with your flat cap to complete your look! Choose our flat cap and scarf sets or purchase them individually.

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Meusa model

Pirandello model