The textile company is the second in the world for the rate of environmental pollution .

What does this mean? It means that year after year, with the changeof fashions and trends, our wardrobes are filled with fabrics that are fundamentally harmful to the environment and often also to our health; In fact, cases of skin dermatitis due to toxic substances present in the tissues are not rare.

With a production of around 80 billion items of clothing per year, only a quarter of these are recycled.

You can easily guess that if they are not recycled, then they will remain moldering in cupboards or will be thrown into landfills.

So try to imagine the waste we are talking about, also considering that to produce a pair of jeans you need around 7 thousand liters of water , which is often polluted by chemical substances.

Yet it takes very little to transform an old pair of jeans into something unique.

We all have at least one pair of jeans, a sweater or a coat in our wardrobe that we are particularly fond of but which we haven't worn for a long time.

Our '' Custom made '' project aims, through creative recycling , to give new life to these items of clothing by transforming them into fantastic personalized flat caps.


All this helps reduce waste and help environment, and why not? also emptying the wardrobe of unused items.

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